Meditacion Fuengirola y Mijas Costa

When we hear about the meditation, it seems like something unachievable, that only some of us can achieve… But why do we believe that only few people can find their internal peace? You can explore the benefits of meditation as well. Make it your habit and you will see a great transformation in it.

We all have this amazing tool to make us feel full-filled and happy every day.


What does the meditation consist in?

The nature of our mind is movement. The mind is active thorough the whole day, sending thousands of thoughts, one after another and in uncontrolled way. And this can be the cause of all the stress, anxiety and suffering…

Meditation is just a mental exercise. We can calm down all the dizziness with it and get closer to internal peace and serenity.

With meditation we learn how to control our mind and its impulses in a way that will not affect the external circumstances. We can control our euphoria together with suffering and live the life experience from different perspective. Like this we will be able to find our happiness and internal peace.

«Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.”  Siddhārtha Gautamá, Buddha.


Benefits of meditation

–    Increases the capacity of concentration and attention.

–    Decreases the anxiety and depression.

–    Reduces stress.

–    Reduces insomnia.

–    Helps to get over the annoying habits.

–    Increases the capacity to tolerate the physical and emotional pain.

–    Improves your memory.

–    Prevents premature ageing of the brain.

–    Improves your creativity.

–    Makes the social relations better.

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