Inverted postures are those in which the heart is at a height higher than that of the head and due to the challenge of doing them, they are positions that when we master them give us great confidence and self-esteem helping us to dissipate fears, something that can be seen Also reflected in our life.

These postures have great benefits, including the renewal of blood circulation and that facilitates a greater supply of blood and oxygen to the brain and heart. At more subtle levels it is said that inverted postures raise energy to the seventh chakra, thus releasing the energy that is stagnant in the lower chakras and releasing even stress and anxiety.

In this masterclass Pablo Ontiveros will explain the philosophy behind the inverted, why they are made and what benefits they have. Then we will start practicing the bases, and progressing from the simplest to the most complex positions, always safely and depending on the practice of each student. If you have never done inverted, this is your workshop, if you want to progress in more complex positions, too.

Pablo Ontiveros began training 10 years ago, when he was studying the psychology career, he soon awoke in him his interest in meditation and yoga. Months later he traveled to India to receive his training as a teacher. Nowadays he transmits his passion for yoga in his classes and in the workshops he performs in different countries and it shows that he enjoys doing his job.


Date: 29th February 2020
Time: 10:00 – 13:00
Price: 35€
30€ for YSZ students

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